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SpinOne Salesforce Backup Announced – Features

There is no question that organizations today are using cloud SaaS applications to empower the hybrid workforce. Organizations are looking to cloud technologies and solutions more than ever before. We can see this with the explosion in the growth of cloud SaaS subscriptions across the board. Cloud Saas environments like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have seen a huge uptick in subscriptions and no signs of slowing down. Backing up cloud SaaS applications is extremely important. Backing up other cloud applications hosted outside of typical cloud SaaS environments (Google Workspaces and Microsoft 365) is also critical to ensure business-critical applications are protected, including applications like Salesforce. For those using Salesforce SpinOne Salesforce backup announced provides powerful features for protecting your Salesforce data.

SpinOne – A mature cloud SaaS platform

In case you are not familiar with SpinOne, they are one of the most unique backup solutions on the market today offering features you can’t find in other solutions. I have been following them for quite some time now and watching the product mature over the past few years. It provides a unique solution to both backup and secure your Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 environments.

Its unique blend of both data protection and cybersecurity allows protecting and your data with a single solution and a single pane of glass interface. Both data protection and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand, something SpinOne gets with their cloud SaaS solutions.

With the experience and maturity that SpinOne has gained with protecting Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, they have turned their attention to other cloud SaaS applications. SpinOne’s approach is to become the all-in-one SaaS data protection platform that covers mission-critical cloud SaaS applications and allows enterprises to protect and manage these in one solution.

Spin’s mission to continue to add cloud SaaS apps to its portfolio of data protection and security coverage is smart since today’s organizations use many different security tools to cover all the security needs across the organization.

Note the following from Dmitry Dontov, the CEO and Founder of Spin Technology:

As the number of mission-critical SaaS Apps is growing constantly, an average enterprise organization utilizes from 45 to 57 small security tools to cover their security needs. It makes the security operations process too complicated and cost-ineffective. Now enterprises are moving towards utilizing the All-in-One SaaS data protection approach to solve big cybersecurity issues in one platform helping eliminate multiple invoices, multiple dashboards, multiple support desks, and get full visibility over SaaS data security.”

Salesforce a market CRM leader

Salesforce is a prevalent application used by businesses worldwide According to an IDC report and is a global CRM leader. More than 150,000 companies worldwide use Salesforce tools across a wide range of departments, industries, etc.

According to figures that were gathered in 2018, Salesforce offers services to 99 of the 100 companies on the Fortune 100 list, which is an incredible statistic. It helps to emphasize just how many organizations are using Salesforce. Protecting Salesforce data is extremely important for organizations utilizing its CRM application as a central solution for their business.

SpinOne Salesforce Backup Announced – Features

SpinOne for Salesforce allows businesses to also protect their Salesforce data and metadata as part of the rich set of features available from SpinOne. If you are already using SpinOne for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 backups, you are familiar with many of these. Visit the official link here:

With Salesforce, SpinOne provides the following features to note:

  • Backup all types of Salesforce data – including queryable data and metadata
  • Recovery includes the ability to recover a single data entry, object relations, or the entire organization
  • Compare and export changes that have been made to Salesforce data and metadata
  • Get visibility on changes to your Salesforce data to take timely action
  • Backup, compare, and recover data and metadata from your Sandbox
  • Enjoy faster backup, comparison, and recovery due to the unique use of 2 APIs
  • 99.9% SLA for data recovery along with secure AES-256 Encryption
  • Set up API Limitations for Salesforce
SpinOne Salesforce Backup Announced
SpinOne Salesforce Backup Announced
SpinOne provides many advantages to what competitors offer in the same space of Salesforce backups, including:
  • It utilizes what they call Bulk API 2 – This is a new API that allows SpinOne to perform requests faster and, importantly, without exceeding the limits on API requests set by Salesforce
  • Impressive backup and recovery speed – On top of using the Builk API 2 technology, Spin provides an intelligent use of the APIs so that all requests are performed significantly faster with Salesforce backups and recovery compared to competitors. Spin is leveraging expertise they have in working with APIs presented by Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.
  • The All Files Backup is a feature that is unique to SpinOne for Salesforce. All files stored in the SFDC and allowed to be exported by Slaesforce API are allowed to be exported and backed up
  • One Login – Spin provides a universal login that allows the ability to login to all your environments and not remember your specific datacenter location, unlike other competitors
  • All objects are classified correctly – SpinOne correctly classifies objects and presents the correct number of objects available
  • You can choose your backup storage location – This feature has been an area where Spin is unique among many data protection solutions, including those that protect Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. You have the ability to choose which cloud storage location and cloud service provider you use, on your terms, and aligned with your existing business model and requirements.
  • Unified UI dashboard – With SpinOne you use the same dashboard and management interface with all your protected SaaS products, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce data protection. The SpinOne roadmap will include even more services coming soon.

Wrapping Up

SpinOne has great momentum as a one-stop-shop cloud SaaS applications backup solution that also has great cybersecurity features. If you want to both protect and secure your cloud SaaS applications, SpinOne is a great solution. It will be interesting to see the additional cloud SaaS applications on the roadmap and coming to SpinOne’s portfolio later this year and beyond.

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