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How to show Path to a Folder / File in Finder

It’s convenient if we have current folder path shown in Finder just like we have in Windows. It is useful in many ways, it helps us jump to the parent folder or root folder quickly and efficiently. In Finder, the current path to a folder or file is not shown by default. In order to enable it, we just need to enable the following option –

1. Open Finder. On top menu click View ❯ Click Show Path Bar. Alternatively, you can press OptionCommand and P key together to do the same.

Finder view option for pathbar
2.Now you can see the current folder path at the bottom of Finder window. You can see the hierarchy of folders starting from the root folder. You can jump to any folder shown in the path. This option is very useful and makes things faster. Also, you can drag and drop files and folders to the any other folder shown in the path, this way you can manage your files efficiently in Mac

current path bar at the bottom of finder window

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